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The Unique Islay Winery
 Established 2014

Islay Wines

Islay Wines is a small company run by husband and wife team, Kenneth and Helen Carter. 

 Our love of Scottish produce on our doorstep and our love of wine, led to the creation of five unique Islay wines, made and bottled on the small inner Hebridean island of Islay. These fruit wines compliment any meal but are equally delicious on their own. We use fresh produce to really capture the essence of the Scottish flavours of rhubarb and brambles.
Our Flavours
These flavours evoke childhood memories of gathering brambles or pulling rhubarb from the garden and dipping in sugar!
We also have a hidden gem - usually associated with Islay's world famous whiskies - the humble barley! Our golden grain  wine is truly a king amongst wines, well worth a try! ​
The Unique Islay Winery, established 2014
All our wines range from 11% to 15.5%
  • Barley Or
  • Bramble Mor
  • Rhubarb Mor  
  • Rhubarb Beag
  • Islay Rose 
  • Woodcock Special Bramble Mor 14%
  • Teal Special Barley Or 14.3%
  • Pheasant Special Rhubarb Mor 15%
Bramble Mor
Not only does this humble grain produce Islay's world famous whiskies, it creates a golden wine, perfect with Islay pheasant, Islay lobster and scallops.

Barley Or
The flavour of ripe brambles compliments our Islay venison or indeed a good blue cheese!
Rhubarb Beag  
The rhubarb tones of the blush pink wine is perfect with Islay seafood and is a delicious accompaniment to freshly caught mackerel.

Rhubarb Mor
This is the baby brother of Rhubarb Mor. It's a slightly sweeter and lighter summer wine, still capturing the essence of rhubarb.

Islay Rose  
A delightful melange of bramble and rhubarb, creating this superb fruity rose. This sweeter wine goes well with any dessert or simply, chilled, on its own.

Islay Wines New Sporting Range of Wines
Thanks to sporting artist, Rodger McPhail, our new labels depict 3 of his brilliant paintings. We chose beautiful illustrations of woodcock, pheasant and teal for our labels. These wines are totally unique as Rodger has never had his work used for wine labels before - what a wonderful gift for any sporting enthusiast or wine-lover. The bottles can be purchased individually or in a triple gift pack - the choice is yours.
  1. Woodcock Special Bramble Mor
    Woodcock Special Bramble Mor
  2. Teal Special Barley Or
    Teal Special Barley Or
  3. Pheasant Special Rhubarb Mor
    Pheasant Special Rhubarb Mor
  4. Woodcock Special
    Woodcock Special
  5. Pheasant Special
    Pheasant Special
  6. Teal Special
    Teal Special

Kathleen Allsop

"We stopped at this winery in August while travelling through Islay visiting distilleries. It was a delightful experience. The owner gave us tastings of all her wines and they were delicious. We enjoyed hearing about how they made and bottled the wines. We ended up buying two bottles of the Bramble wine and enjoyed them. Thank you!"

Jo Elvery

"These subtly flavoured Islay wines are a joy to drink. Smooth on the palette with an unexpected kick. Delicious!"

Caleigh Mitchell

"This was an unexpected stop on my short trip to Islay, but I’m so glad that we took the time to visit!
We had the opportunity to sample all of the wine that is made there and I was pleased with how every single one tasted! We purchased multiple bottles to bring back home with us. Will definitely stop by again if I get another opportunity to visit Islay."
Visit us
Open for free tastings from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, We are now closed on Sunday throughout the winter period.
Dunollie, Mansefield Road, Port Ellen, Islay.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !

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